String Theory

String Theory is a 2D bullet-hell tower defense hybrid, where you have to defend yourself and the bastion across 3 dimensions against waves of ever increasing enemies.

There are 4 types of enemies; star which only chases you, sword which chases whichever between you and the bastion is closer, heart which slowly moves towards the bastion, and Apophis which is a black hole that slowly sucks the bastion towards it.

You have to defend against enemies on red, blue, and yellow dimensions, and while you can only be hurt by enemies on your current dimension the bastion can be hurt by enemies on all dimensions.

The team:
Conor Heanue – Programmer and level designer
Alex Krikorian – Programmer, level designer, and artist
Josh Blow – Programmer and level designer
Julie Anne Manuel-Tayag – Concept artist and animator
Claire Bork – Artist, animator, and level designer
Connor Fineran – Sound designer
Davis “Gigglesplat” Barney – Music composer

Inspiration for art and music from Geometry Wars and Hotline Miami